About PDA safe

PDA safe was developed to fulfill the demand for a professional solution to store and charging handheld devices.

The use of PDA’s for an increasing array of applications has seen the market sector for mobile handsets continue to increase year on year. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the device itself and the applications it runs. Very often little thought is given to how the devices will be housed and maintained in the operation.

Not only does PDA safe provide a professional and elegant solution to this, it has a proven track record of a rapid return on investment due to reduced lost, stolen and damaged handsets. It also ensures all devices are properly charged and are ready for the next shift.

The numbers of devices that need to be repaired are also drastically reduced due to the cooling and correct docking. This also increases battery life and time between battery refreshes is increased.

Improved PDA deployment

The rollout or refresh of any handheld estate is enhanced because PDA safe is a turnkey solution. This is proven to ensure a seamless, on-time and to budget deployment of the whole estate.


WiFi hotspots can easily be setup by encompassing an access point within the cabinet. This negates the need for drilling,polo ralph lauren,mounting and cabling. It is designed so that connectivity is provided both inside and outside the cabinet.